A 360-Degree View: September and October 2017

By on October 5, 2017
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Wrapping Up September – and Looking Forward to October

Upcoming Tax Controversy Activities in October:

October 12, 2017: Cate Battin, Kristen Hazel, Britt Haxton, Jane May, Sandra McGill, Diann Smith and Elizabeth Chao are hosting and presenting at the inaugural Tax in the City® event in Seattle, Washington. They will cover topics such as attorney-client privilege and the ethics of social media (CLE/CPE), recent developments around US Tax Reform, and updates on state and local tax issues for Seattle and the surrounding areas.

 October 25, 2017: Todd Welty and Lowell Yoder are speaking at the TEI 72nd Annual Conference in Toronto, Ontario, and will present “Repatriation: Strategy, Practice and the Road Ahead.”

November 2, 2017: Laura Gavioli, Kristen Hazel, Michael Louis, Cym Lowell, Damon Lyon, Denise Mudigere, Dave Noren, Kristina Novak, Andrew Roberson, Jay Singer, Mark Thomas and Michael Wilder are speaking at the TEI Global Tax Symposium in Houston, Texas, and covering the following topics: Multilateral Instruments & European Developments, Country by Country Reporting, Repatriation Strategies and the IRS Repatriation Campaign, Disclosures for Global Tax Strategies, and Treasury Center/Currency Issues.

Wrapping up September:

Our September 2017 blog posts are available on taxcontroversy360.com, or read each article by clicking on the titles below. To receive the latest on tax controversy news and commentary directly in your inbox as they are posted, click here to subscribe to our email list.

September 1, 2017: Tax Court Reinforces Plain Meaning Approach in Interpreting Tax Statutes

September 6, 2017: Motion Practice – Moving for Summary Adjudication

September 8, 2017: IRS Extends Permanent Invitation to Exam to Attend Appeals Conferences

September 13, 2017: Tax Court Rejects IRS Argument that Corporate Taxpayer Failed to File Valid Return

September 15, 2017: Form 2848 Power of Attorney – Important Practice Tip

September 18, 2017: More Changes to IRS Appeals, in Response to Taxpayer and Practitioner Concerns

September 19, 2017: Tax Court Announces 2018 Judicial Conference in Chicago on March 26-28, 2018

September 20, 2017: IRS Guidance Says IRS Can Disclose Confidential Taxpayer Information to Whistleblower with Impunity

September 21, 2017: IRS Is Underutilizing Exchange of Information Capabilities

September 22, 2017: Is a Business Tax Reform Game Plan Beginning to Take Shape?

September 25, 2017: Tax Court Holds Payment from Qualified Settlement Fund is Includable in Taxpayer’s Gross Income

September 26, 2017: Tax in the City® New York Event Success

September 28, 2017: Tax Court Requires Specific Factual Showing of Harm for Whistleblower Anonymity

September 28, 2017: Republican Leaders Release Tax Reform Framework




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