On October 2, 2017, the US Department of the Treasury (Treasury) submitted a report (Report) to the President of the United States recommending the withdrawal, revocation or revision of eight Treasury Regulations in order to eliminate or otherwise mitigate the “burdens imposed on taxpayers.” This action springs from Executive Order 13789 issued by the President on April 21, 2017, calling on Treasury to identify and reduce tax regulatory burdens that impose undue financial burdens on US taxpayers or otherwise add undue complexity to federal tax laws.

The Report is largely consistent with Treasury’s interim report dated June 22, 2017, but sets forth in greater detail the specific actions recommended by Treasury. However, the Report also stated that Treasury is considering possible reforms of several recent regulations not identified in its interim report, such as regulations under Internal Revenue Code (Code) Section 871(m) (relating to payments treated as US source dividends) and the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. The Report also states that Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have initiated a comprehensive review of all regulations—regardless of when they were issued—that is coordinated by the Treasury Regulatory Reform Task Force and is a furtherance of executive orders adopting a PAYGO approach to regulations. (more…)

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