Check out our summary of significant Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidance and relevant tax matters for the week of October 2, 2023 – October 6, 2023.

October 2, 2023: The IRS released Internal Revenue Bulletin 2023-40, which includes the following:

  • Revenue Ruling 2023-18 provides the October 2023 applicable federal rates.
  • Notice 2023-64 provides interim guidance on the new corporate alternative minimum tax (CAMT) and indicates that proposed regulations are forthcoming. The notice describes rules for:
    • Determining a taxpayer’s applicable financial statement and adjusted financial statement income (AFSI), including rules applicable to tax consolidated groups and certain foreign corporations
    • AFSI adjustments for the depreciation of Section 168 property, the amortization of qualified wireless spectrum, the treatment of certain taxes and to prevent certain duplications and omissions
    • Determining the applicable corporation status, the CAMT foreign tax credit and financial statement net operating losses.
  • Notice 2023-66 updates the corporate bond monthly yield curve, the corresponding spot segment rates for September 2023 used under § 417(e)(3)(D), the 24-month average segment rates for September 2023 and the 30-year Treasury rates, as reflected by the application of § 430(h)(2)(C)(iv).
  • Revenue Procedure 2023-30 provides specifications for the private printing of red ink substitutes for the 2023 revisions of certain information returns.
  • Revenue Procedure 2023-31 refers filers to applicable publications, forms, instructions or other guidance, including postings on, for procedures related to seeking a hardship waiver or administrative exemption from requirements to file Forms 8955-SSA and 5500-EZ electronically.

October 3, 2023: A public meeting of the Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee will be held on November 15, 2023.

October 5, 2023: The IRS warned high-income taxpayers to avoid promotions involving inflated deductions for art donations. The IRS indicated that schemes involving abusive art donations are on its radar and that multiple investigations are underway.

October 6, 2023: The IRS released proposed regulations addressing so-called “Killer B” transactions. These transactions, at a high level, are structured to repatriate foreign subsidiary earnings through triangular reorganizations. The proposed regulations would formalize and modify guidance set forth in Notices 2014-32 and 2016-73.

October 6, 2023: The IRS issued proposed regulationsRevenue Procedure 2023-33 and frequently asked questions on the transfer of new and previously owned clean vehicle credits from a taxpayer to an eligible entity for vehicles placed in service after December 31, 2023. This guidance addresses how taxpayers can elect to transfer new and previously owned clean vehicle credits to dealers who are eligible to receive advance payments of either credit, how dealers can become eligible entities to receive advance payments of new or previously owned clean vehicle credits and how to recapture the credit.

October 6, 2023: The IRS released its weekly list of written determinations (e.g., Private Letter Rulings, Technical Advice Memorandums and Chief Counsel Advice).

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