The Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) recently released its annual report to US Congress. The report highlights the TAS’s accomplishments in 2023 and its continued areas of focus and concern in the new year. While the report is an interesting read, in this article we discuss why it’s beneficial for taxpayers to have the TAS involved in their cases.

Created in 1996 by Congress, the TAS is an independent agency within the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Its mission is to assist taxpayers with systematic issues involving the IRS. For example, suppose you are owed a refund and have been waiting to receive the check for two years now. Or perhaps you changed the name of your business, and the IRS keeps rejecting your returns because the name in their system does not match the new name because the name change has not been processed yet by the IRS. The TAS can typically help in these specific examples and in other similar IRS snafus.

To start the process, file Form 911 with your local TAS office. We suggest providing a comprehensive explanation of the issue you are facing and the steps you have taken to try and fix it in your Form 911. This will help the TAS advocate assigned to your case with getting you a solution quicker.

Practice Point: The TAS is not only for individual taxpayers. We have sought their assistance for all sorts of taxpayers, including large multinational public companies. We cannot emphasize enough how much faster it is to resolve an IRS issue with the help of the TAS rather than calling the general IRS service phone number or writing countless letters to the IRS.

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