Check out our summary of significant Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidance and relevant tax matters for the week of October 30, 2023 – November 3, 2023.

October 30, 2023: The IRS released Internal Revenue Bulletin 2023-44, which includes the following:

  • Proposed regulations that would update the rules governing the IRS’s sale of taxpayer property that was seized by levy.
  • Proposed regulations addressing so-called “Killer B” transactions. These transactions, at a high level, are structured to repatriate foreign subsidiary earnings through triangular reorganizations. The proposed regulations would formalize and modify guidance set forth in Notices 2014-32 and 2016-73.
  • Final regulations that provide rules for prohibitions on certain contributions to Type I and Type III supporting organizations, as well as rules for qualifying as functionally integrated and non-functionally integrated Type III supporting organizations.
  • Notice 2023-71, which extends all tax filing and payment deadlines from October 7, 2023, to October 7, 2024, for taxpayers affected by the recent terrorist attacks in Israel.

October 30, 2023: The IRS extended its policy for accepting digital signatures for certain tax forms until October 31, 2025. The IRS updated the Internal Revenue Manual to be consistent with this extension.

October 31, 2023: The IRS reminded taxpayers to remain vigilant against potential online threats and highlighted certain practices to help protect against cybersecurity attacks.

November 1, 2023: The IRS announced that clean vehicle sellers can now register for time-of-sale reporting and dealer advance payments for the clean vehicle credit using the new Energy Credits Online tool.

November 1, 2023: The IRS announced that the amount individuals can contribute to their 401(k) plans in 2024 has increased to $23,000, up from $22,500 in 2023. Notice 2023-75, which was released the same day, provides adjusted 2024 limitations on benefits and contributions under qualified retirement plans as under § 415(d).

November 2, 2023: The IRS rescheduled the hearing on proposed regulations regarding digital asset transactions from November 7, 2023, to November 13, 2023.

November 2, 2023: The IRS published Tax Tip 2023-119, which notes that individuals may now review 18 new Nationwide Tax Forums Online seminars.

November 3, 2023: The IRS reminded taxpayers to review their tax withholding obligations ahead of the upcoming tax filing season to avoid having a large refund or balance due.

November 3, 2023: The IRS issued proposed regulations that would add new requirements relating to the disclosure of information that group health plans and health insurance issuers must include subject to the No Surprises Act. The proposed regulations consider requiring plans and issuers to register via the Federal IDR portal. Comments must be received by January 2, 2024.

November 3, 2023: The IRS released its weekly list [...]

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